Wholesale & Bulk Bully Sticks
Consistent thickness | Truly very low odor | 100% all-natural | Personal service

About Us

Hi! We’re Bully Bundles, a small high-quality bully stick distribution, wholesale, and e-commerce business based in Chicago.

We’re in business to share happiness and peace of mind. What this means:

  • Consistent high-quality product with every single order
  • Having the product when you need it
  • Personal, friendly service

We launched in 2015 selling high-quality bully sticks through our e-commerce subscription site (bullybundles.com).

Over the years, as the quality of bully sticks we could get from third parties was not consistently meeting our high standards (for odor, thickness, appearance, and being 100% all-natural), we began researching, vetting, and working directly with the bully stick producers themselves to ensure our bully sticks meet the quality we believe our customers deserve.

Then, after we began working directly with the bully stick producers, in 2019 we learned that we could be useful to other companies looking for consistently high-quality bully sticks and began focusing more on our wholesale/distribution business.

And now in 2022 we are excited to have launched our wholesale website to be as useful as possible to other companies and groups looking for consistently high-quality bully sticks.

If you have any questions or feedback about the company or our products, please email us at wholesale@bullybundles.com or ryan@bullybundles.com, and in either case, I (Ryan, founder) will respond directly to you.

Ryan, Danny & Chelsea